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Got tagged by :iconstarmade-shadows: I don't see why not, good break from school stuff huhuh~

1. Each person has to share 5 things about themselves.

2. Please answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.

3. Choose up to 10 people and put their icons on your journal - not something like "you are tagged if you read this", you have to tag legitimately 10 people.

4. No tag backs.

Five things about myself hmmmm....

1. I'm gonna turn 21 in May this year, hellow legit adult age but not feeling like an 'actual' adult just yet. BD

2. I like many artist out there, feel like my art is never good or pretty enough. But you know what, I am in a love hate relationship with this feeling cause I refuse to lose to something as trivial as it, so I improve my skills over 9000 bit by bit :iconimseriousplz:

3. I have a scar on my foot shaped like a ginger bread man :iconmingplz:

4. I might not be the most talkative person you will meet but rest assured it's nothing personal, it's just me.
I just get really hyped on certain things and other things I just really don't know how to continue on with the subject.

5. I actually still go all giddy at the sight of a rainbow in the sky.

Questions TIME:
1. If you could learn another language, what would it be and why?
Well I already know 4 languages, but I guess knowing Japanese would be a nice thing. I mean how cool it would be to watch anime and read manga that hasn't been subbed or translated yet yah?

2. Do you have any siblings? If so do you get along?
I have two little brothers, we get along so well that we can spontaneously jump into an action hero formation and not trip on each other if we needed to. We also barge into each others room unannounced and shoot each other with invisible imaginary guns or weapons and the other would react by 'dying before coming back to life'. If that's not close idk what is.

3. Do you play any instruments? Even badly in 7th grade? If not what instrument would you like to learn?
I used to play the recorder, but I don't remember the notes anymore. If anything I would like to learn to play the keyboard, and not this computer typing thing mind you.

4. Do you like where you currently live? What kind of place would you want to move to if given the chance?
Yes I actually do like the country I live in, idk if I would move to any other place, this place is surely the best to live in despite it's down sides imo. I do like to go traveling everywhere though, just not move there permanently.

5. Favorite thing you've posted so far?
Ehhhh, I like anything I post really, some more than others. Though I guess:
 Ether: The things legends are made of by dragoonwys is currently my fave cause of all the blood, soul and tears I put into making it. It also marks the point where I can see where my art level is at when I'm serious.

But my long running fave is still this Soul of Chaos comic I did.
SoC: Two long years by dragoonwys It's a rather personal thing that I really dumped all my feelings into, seriously the people and the buddies I met on the net are the best and I hope to be buddies with them for a really long time. Though I probably might not be as chatty or interesting like other people, I just want them to know that I care and I do really like them a lot just the way they are.

6. Do you tend to make more male or female characters or do you have a decent balance between the two?
I have a decent balance between my male and female ratio when counting all my characters.
As for the grouping of just my main characters of a RP group, I guess currently it is a female dominated party.
Reason for that is just plainly because I relate more to female characters in the long run.   

7. On a scale of mormon bible camp to :iconrumiiya: how gay is your collection of OCs?
We'll it's a hard question to answer, or rather I should say, most of my characters are actually bisexuals. Though official pairings that happened makes them look straight.
Most prominent one being Ira, he's fine with getting it on with guys as well as ladies to be honest, it's just that he married a woman in the end because he just really liked her. If she were a man he would still marry him, and nevermind kids, if he wanted a 'Saria' any way, he would adopt with his hubby-wubby and still be happy with it.

8. Have you ever made a character but had to scrap them because you just couldn't relate to them well enough to rp with?
No, I never had that problem. I guess it's just because I am a firm hard believer of 'you can only write what you know' so I write what I understand.
The stories and histories they have are of course all make believe and research, but the character's personalities are written based off real things, mostly different parts of my emotions or real life experiences/people. A modified and kicked up to the most extreme version to be exact, which is why I know what to do with them or at least a guideline to work off of.
If you really want to know, Mavis, Verza, Durma's personalities and how they react all stem from emotions mixed up with some outside quirks I found interesting. Each of them personify a certain emotion or idea I have and I just mold them the right way according to the story. I don't force characteristics on them, they flow on their own for some reason.

9. Why is it so hard to come up with ten of these?
Cause it is? Coming up with 10 questions from no where is rather hard you know. :iconmingplz:

10. Why is Rumii so red?
Don't know, cause it's a lucky color? Like a Leprechaun but Chinese :iconimsotiredplz: *slapped*

I'm not gonna tag cause Im too lazy to tag at the moment,
anyway thanks for reading, have a nice day you lovely people~ See ya later and stay healthy :iconpeeetplz:
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