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Tagged by lovely :iconawa303:
Default journal rule things apply XDDDD but not gonna tag anyone cause I have RULE BREAKER HAHAHAHA *slapped for Fate/Stay Night reference*
1. Do your OCs rant in your head sometimes? As in, you're just chilling or doing something else and then suddenly pictures them in your mind talking about random stuff?

Yep, it's pretty much a cross dimension dorm up there, typical conversations go like this|'D

Mavis: Do you think I should get a haircut? I don't want to but some people said I should get one.....
Verza: Negative, you're pretty the way you are. Even in Zelstung, we are allowed to have any hairstyle as long as it doesn't stunt our efficiency. 
Durma: Yah pinky, just be yourself. I mean look at me, curly long locks all the way! ^o^ *pets the ground*
Poppet: *comes into the room with a bloody saw* DID SOMEONE SAY A HEAD CUT? 8D I don't mind cutting a few heads for free~
Mavis: :stare: No one called for you, go back to where you came from......
Poppet: :iconohokaythenplz: Oh okay...... *leaves room*

2. Any pictures you're craving to draw at the moment? If yes, they're pictures about what?
I think some fan art pieces as a tribute to a few shows I really like, though I'm currently busy drawing things for school, so might do it after I am done with my exhibition and all.

3. Do you have a character that 'inherited' a bad habit from you?
XDD Im not sure which character didn't, I think all my characters inherited something bad from me one way or another even if I don't know it.

4. What was the last movie/show/anime/etc you watched?
Fate/Stay Night 2014 season 2. |'''D Berzerker *sobs* Illya......Illyaaaaaaaaaa!

5. Most (__________) RP you've had? Intense, dramatic, feelsy, funny, awkward, etc.
Hmmmm so many rps I want to talk about so little space |''D
I guess I'll go with one of the 'recent' the big ones, that one RP where I introduced Facey and Poppet. It was pretty fun, intense and confusing for me cause it was my first time hosting at the time. And it involves hurting other peeps characters a lot but not hurting them so much that it is crippling too. :iconpapmingplz: The things you do when you want a villain to make an impression that they aren't one night bosses but not going overboard.

6. If you could have one of the skills any of your characters have, what would it be?
HMMMM A hard choice. I guess Mana Molding is still my fave to have, seriously make anything anywhere is a cool skill. XDDD

7. Would you rather hug Azre or do his hair?
8I *open up arms* Azre I am going to hug you, you might not like it but I am still gonna do it.

8. Most awkward or funny thing one of your characters have done?
:iconmingplz: Mavis trying to follow high society living standards when visiting Traize's family and failing.

9. Most awkward or funny thing ever done -to- (or with) your characters?
:iconmingplz: Mavis' mana chains getting licked by a drunk Kein. But since Mana Molded items are linked to the molder's senses too, she felt like someone was licking all over her.

10. What would you like to be asked about here?
Don't know 8'D How's my graduation coming along?
It's going good by the way, just a bit busy and all. Nothing out of the unexpected LOL

Next on the topic :icondawishingwell: is holding a mascot contest~ The link to the Contest Journal is right below!
It's a nice group that helps people showcase their wishes so that it might be granted by others~! They also have fun events like these from time to time too!
Non members are welcomed to join in the fun, can't wait to see what entries are submitted ^o^ Anyway have a nice day and thanks for reading~!
dAWishingWell Mascot ContestThe Rules
:bulletblue: Any DeviantArt member can participate. You don't have to be member of the group.
:bulletblue: For this contest, you must create a mascot for dAWishingWell. The mascot can be a humanoid, an animal, a fantasy creature or an anthropomorphic character (animal or object).
:bulletblue: The character must be created specifically for this contest and you must mention this contest in the entry description.
:bulletblue: The character must be original and unique as we want it to be recognized as an image for dAWishingWell just like Fella is for DeviantArt.
:bulletblue: The character must follow the group theme and purpose: granting wishes, promote the DeviantArt community, sharing the dA love and promoting overall goodness, selflessness and generosity.
:bulletblue: The character must be simple and easy to reproduce.
:bulletblue: The character color scheme must fit the dAWishingWell site and journal skin.
:bulletblue: All visual mediums are ac
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